Welcome to La Calma De Rita

Vilert, a medieval village Province of Girona , surrounded by fields along the Fluvia river.

Sweet smelling coffee morning , a freshly made toast, the sound of silence, the trees, the birds, the music of the river, the sun’s rays streaming through the windows remembering that 700 years ago someone looking for them.

Fields of sunflowers , medieval villages, waterfalls, animals grazing in the meadows, ducks, herons, tents, all around the house.

Excursions and long walks , adventure in a balloon ride or a sailboat, jump into the void and fly like a bird or just read a book by the river or in front of the fireplace with a cake freshly made an infusion or tea.

Tertulias desktop , new friends, sometimes live music at night and the magic of art everywhere. Our hospitality to make you feel at home.

Moments to remember and a place to escape, this is La Calma de Rita.


A place to dream …

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