Discover Stays of La Calma de Rita


estancia-recepcion01Entering from the church square, with its centuries-old mulberry tree, where formerly welcome wine was made we will give …

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The dining room

estancia-recepcion01Cool in summer, warm in winter, with access to the church square with its century mulberry …

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The shop

Where once lived animals, lit with old and out of a fairy cubes Find a store …

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When going out into the yard, right next to the kitchen, you come across the porch, where, in summer, you will enjoy the dinner …

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El porche

Saliendo al patio, justo al lado de la cocina, te encuentras con el porche, donde, en verano, disfrutarás de las cenas…

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The courtyard

A place open, quiet, long morning air the sun enjoying a swimming pool …

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The Gothic Room

Up the stairs that mark the years of the house reach the large room, lit by the sun all day ..

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“foc a terra” stay

It is a large room divided into two spaces, a space to talk, read or just relax watching a great fire …

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