La Calma De Rita

A special place, full of charm, where art, music and love in all details only to get seen.

The house was built over 700 years ago, decided to restore it to turn it into a boutique hotel that eventually materialize in La Calma de Rita.

The objects and furniture were purchased to decorate and Antiquarios markets in the area. All details were meticulously planned, as the wiring with twisted porcelain and switches, which provide an air, authentic and quiet in the house.

The visitor will discover a haven of peace at the edge of the river Fluvia. La Calma de Rita is a rare exception in that architecture does not break the essence of the landscape but it gets even more complete and embellish.

To get home you have to take a small passage beneath a Roman arch that leads to the square of the church of Santa Maria, in the ninth century. To the left of this, next to the viewpoint of the river is La Calma de Rita.

The terrace, two porches and the rest of the house has been carefully restored and recovered, the original elements of it, as the Gothic window of the terrace leading into the main hall or large fireplace “foc a terra” over 750 years, the main staircase of the house is the original old building.

In pátio a pool that mimics the old wash house was built field. The path from the house leads to a small dam where the waters of Fluvia have stopped his swift race to the sea, formed a small oasis of life where the species native to the riparian forest as Pescaire bernat, ducks and kingfishers, otters, among others, have found food and shelter.

All rooms have their own style, decorated with exquisite taste, taking care of every detail at all times.

If you do want to wake up in the morning with the sound of the river and singing birds as companions; if you want to look behind open windows in walls over seven hundred years old herons, the kingfisher with its bright blue, the horses by the river, and other animals wandering through the meadows, you you have to stay at La Calma Rita and leave you host for us the discerning traveler will not be disappointed.

A unique place, a new home to discover.